I lager.

Original Custom Painting (example pic)

1 500 kr

CUSTOM ORIGINAL PAINTINGS (example pics above)

Order your personal and unique illustration here! For ordering a custom made original portrait, please contact me for placing the order. Email me at [email protected] if you want to order a painting or have any questions!

SEK (inklusive frakt)

Minst 1500 SEK och uppåt för en A4/A3/större


You can choose colors, size and what you want me to portray. Could you imagine how cool would it be to have an illustration of yourself! All I need is a high resolution photo (or more). The paper is always 300gsm with great quality. A painting is made with love, respect and privacy. The price may vary depending on your wishes.

Price includes:

– Two rounds of revisions to make sure you are happy!

– The Original painting

– Digital file

– Flexible timing

I will send you a sketch within 3-5 business days to be approved before your order is finalized. The piece will be sent out approximately within 3 weeks (or earlier if things run smoothly).

What do you say!? Let's do it!


– The more detailed your message is, the better it would be.

– Is it something typical of the person, such as "her mark on her leg" so tell me!

– Do you want a special background, flowers or whatever it can be, let me know!

– If you would like to make major changes to the drawing when it is finished and it requires that I draw the picture, a surcharge of 300 kronor will be added. Be clear from the start and make your possible changes already in the sketch phase!

– The image is sent in a hard cardboard box, so it can be traced so it does not risk getting lost or damaged during transport. The freight is included in the price.


Once you have approved the picture, you pay the money to my bank account, PayPal or swish and I will send the picture to the post as soon as I see that the payment is completed.

With love,
Jovanna ❤️❤️