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Vulva Collage Print

150 kr
90 kr

● ● ● You can buy the prints in sizes ca 70x100 cm, ca 50x70 cm, A3 (29,7x42 cm), A4 (21x29,7 cm) and A5 (14,8x21 cm)! Just choose from the list when you order. ● ● ●

The original painting is made of watercolor!

I print every illustration myself (on demand), so there is love behind each print. The paper is a beautiful high quality Fine Art paper, a fourdrinier, acid-free, museum quality paper with a natural white finish and rough ‘watercolour’ textured surface, 315gsm (thick paper).

The ca 70x100 cm/ca 50x70 cm paper is not Fine Art, but it's still a nice paper. 200g. 

All prints are signed by me.

If you’re interested in another size than thoose available please contact me at [email protected]

With love,
Jovanna Radic Eriksson ❤️

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